Narkomfin – Moscow

I'm desperate to see the renovation of Narkomfin in Moscow. I went to have a nosy around a few years ago when it was still in a state of disrepair but you could still admire its functionalist majesty. Designed by Moisei Ginzburg in 1929 for high ranking Soviet employees of the Commissariat of Finance ("Narkomfin"), … Continue reading Narkomfin – Moscow

ZiL – preservation vs profit in Moscow

A friend recently drew my attention to the Vesnin brothers’ Likachev Palace of Culture in Moscow. The area os called ZiL, it was built between 1930 and 1936 in the Constructivist style for the workers who made trucks and tractors in Russia's largest factory complex. It was a  “city within a city” which had its own … Continue reading ZiL – preservation vs profit in Moscow

A bigger splash: the rise – fall – and rise of the lidos

I was super happy to write a story about the colourful history of lidos for the delightful Circus Journal. I was even more delighted to have John Boughton, author of the great Municipal Dreams, contribute his thoughts to the piece. I couldn't cram them all in so here they are in their entirety. "Public health … Continue reading A bigger splash: the rise – fall – and rise of the lidos

Windowology: New Architectural Views from Japan

Windowology at Japan House London - Takumi Oita Photography Co. Ltd 2019  A curious new exhibition is due to open at Japan House in London in April. Windowology: New Architectural Views from Japan presents a multidisciplinary exhibition combining the architecture of windows, photography, manga, craft and technology to explore the ways windows offer not only … Continue reading Windowology: New Architectural Views from Japan

Building with waste

Resource Rows, Copenhagen In Copenhagen’s Ørestad district, architect Niklas Nolsøe is admiring his handiwork. He’s looking at Resource Rows, Lendager Group’s latest project, which has just been completed. The 92 homes in the up-and-coming neighourhood have been snapped up but eco-conscious Danes who are drawn to the architects’ innovative practice: building new homes with old … Continue reading Building with waste

Estonian plywood heritage

I recently had the chance to become better acquainted with Estonia's plywood manufacturing heritage. Plywood is a versatile material, made by gluing together layers of cross-grained veneers, creating a pliable board that can be stronger than solid wood. Industrialist AM Luther manufactured beautiful plywood office and domestic furniture, suitcases and hat boxes. His brand, also known … Continue reading Estonian plywood heritage

Hedge House by White Arkitekter

White Arkitekter’s interesting proposal, called ‘Hedge House’, is a new housing typology which uses post-war housing estates to create affordable housing. The London Affordable Housing Challenge, an open international competition, sought a concept for affordable housing to increase London’s housing stock. White’s proposal seeks to use the urban fabric, public parks and spaces between the … Continue reading Hedge House by White Arkitekter

Co-living development Mason & Fifth in London

I've been meaning to write something about this for a while, but haven't had the time. So I wanted to draw readers' attention to this wonderfully erudite article by Lucy Watson in the FT that says everything that I feel about this topic. Housing space standards were hard-won. Before the world wars, people lived in … Continue reading Co-living development Mason & Fifth in London